Petzl STRIX IR Headlamp Coyote Tan

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Petzl STRIX IR Headlamp Coyote Tan

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Reference : 444860
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Reference 444860
Colour Coyote Tan
Weight 100 g (without batteries)
Product type Head Torch
Power supply 1 x AA Battery (Included)
Petzl STRIX IR; Infrared model for professional users 

The STRIX reinvents hands free lighting for the modern soldier. Powerful, durable & with InfraRed, White, Red, Blue & Green LEDs you have an option for all situations. Can be mounted on a Helmet, attached to MOLLE, worn as a Head Torch or around the neck with included Headband.

The STRIX line of headlamps was specifically created to respond to the requirements of the military during operations where stealth is key. The STRIX line offers exceptional versatility and intuitive use with absolute reliability guaranteed.


  • Great versatility of use.; STRIX headlamps are designed for discreet integration with all military equipment.
  • Three visible Light Modes (Infrared, White or Colour) 
  • Dependable lighting for all situations.; Different lighting functions allow the STRIX to adapt to field operations as well as to daily activities (camp, training, etc.).
  • Intuitive lighting management and mechanical strength.; STRIX headlamps were created to limit the risk of being accidentally seen. 


  • Runs on one single AA battery
  • Infrared light mode
  • Equipped with the ACH-ARC Ops Core system, using the integrated rail or, in the absence of the rail, using the the ADAPT STRIX plate (accessory).
  • Integrated MOLLE clip 
  • Headband included
  • Double rotation system; However the headlamp is worn, the lamp's double rotation system allows great freedom for orienting the beam: 180° horizontally and 120° vertically. The user can be assured that he will see where needed.
  • Constant lighting; Integrated regulation technology guarantees lighting with performance that does not diminish during its rated battery life. Lighting switches to reserve mode when battery is almost depleted.
  • Visible white lighting; White lighting is available in three modes: stealth (very narrow, low-intensity beam), close-range vision (wide beam, power/battery life compromise), movement (wide, maximum-intensity beam).
  • Visible color lighting; Three color choices available to offer comfortable close-range vision and vision for movement: red, green, blue. 
  • Intuitive management; Manipulating the knobs with the pulse control is simple and noiseless, even while wearing gloves. This allows each mode to be accessed and to quickly turn off the headlamp. The sequence of modes moves from most discreet to least discreet. For quick movement between modes, only one of the three colors is directly accessible (programmable choice).
  • The lighting modes and the OFF position can be locked to prevent any unwanted maneuver. The "scan" function allows the user to instantly turn off the headlamp by releasing the knob.
  • On the STRIX IR, visible and infrared (IR) lighting are controlled by two different knobs in order to prevent any risk of error. Switching to infrared lighting instantly turns off visible lighting. It can not be reactivated until IR is deactivated. The infrared control knob is equipped with a visual and tactile indicator for the OFF position.
  • Great mechanical strength; STRIX headlamps are resistant to falls of 2 m, even at -30° C, to impact and to crushing (80 kg).They are waterproof to -1 m for 30 minutes, and dustproof (IP 67).
  •  Visible color lighting: red (20 h, 1 lm, 4 m), green (17 h, 1.5 lm, 4 m), blue (17 h, 0.35 lm, 2 m)
  • Visible white lighting: stealth mode (65 h, 0.40 lm, 3 m), close-range vision mode (20 h, 15 lm, 20 m), movement mode (4 h 30, 40 lm, 40 m)
  • -Infrared lighting: close-range vision mode (20 h, 10 mW), movement mode (5 h 30, 25 mW), blinking IFF "Identification Friend or Foe" mode (40 h, 15 mW).
  • Weight: 95 g without batteries 
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