Photo Shooting Target Bomber Jacket


Photo Shooting Target Bomber Jacket

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Reference 112863
Brand ESP
Product type Shooting Target
Dimensions 64 x 88 cm

A target facility is one of the main features within the shooters' training in shooting rangesA well-made target not only increases enjoyment of training , thus increasing the motivation of all present. 


A target facility is one of the main features within the shooters' training in shooting ranges. A well-made target not only increases enjoyment of training , thus increasing the motivation of all present, but it also results in the required preciseness and awareness of the optimal placement of shots.

This also helps in the creation of progressive psychological awareness of the image of a future adversary- it, up to a certain level, copies situations, in which efficient and justified use of a weapon is necessary. this relates especially to the so-called photo-targets. They are the photographed armed figures with weapons in their hands. Nobody, who wishes to organise the high quality training and create useful habits, can stay without well-made image targets. And this applies especially, when the training is focused on situations, in which the shooters' lives are endangered.

The original armed persons can be changed quickly, thanks to the overlays (which replace the original weapons either with empty hands or hands holding different daily use items), into innocent witnesses, or hostages. The use of such new targets is both beneficial for learning or new reactions and habits, related to the shooting-tactical skills, and good indisputable features that make the training more enjoyable. It provides also for the permanent maintenance of high level motivation and interest in this special training.

The 25 different varients are so difficult to memorizes that even the long-term users make critical mistakes quite easily (especially under an artificial pressure created by an experienced instructor). 

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