Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Ignitor Lens

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Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Ignitor Lens

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Reference 372570
Colour Ignitor Lens
Product type Ballistic Goggles
Material Polycarbonate
Protection US MIL-DTL-43511D
Smith Optics Elite

Combat can have numerous distractions, one of the major problems that all Soldiers will face will be that of eye protection. Are my eyes protected? Is the fogging going to obscure my vision? Do I have to worry about my eyewear slipping? All pretty valid worries and something that Smith Optics Elite have considered with the new Boogie Regulator.

Apart from having a rather snazzy name, the Boogie Regulator is Smith Optics's answer to their customers wanting a smaller combat 'no thrills' version of the LOPRO Regulator Goggles. Smith's delivered on this and decided that a compact product that relied on a Smith patented airflow system, paired with their usual stylish aesthetic design would be exactly what everyone was clamouring for. Smith have always stressed symplicity meeting technology and haven't swayed much from that motto with these. The Boogie Regulator doesn't primp and preen meaningless features like some other Eye Protection companies and the refreshing 'back to basics' approach has got them plenty of attention.

If your day includes a quick mission, a long road ride or a jump out of a perfectly good helicopter, the Boogie Regulator Goggle has the qualities you need in your eye protection - top level impact rating, the patentedSmith Regulator for lens fog prevention, and multiple strap options ensuring integration.

Smith Optics Boogie Regulator Airflow 


  • Lenses meet US MIL-DTL-43511D goggle impact level. No short changing on protecting one of your most important assets. In less 'tech' terms this means that you can comfortably expect your goggles to withstand shrapnel, pebbles or any undesirables flung at your eyes.
  • Smith patented Regulator ventilates lenses to prevent combat fogging.
  • Smith Optic’s uncompromising optical quality
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings on all lenses (for the clumsier of us all).
  • Fits like an eyeshield with protection of a goggle. Molds around the head rather than sticking out in front of it.
  • 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Any body strain/sunburn you get from posing too long in the sun is, however, your own fault.

Lifetime Guarantee:

As with all Smith Optics products, you are covered by a limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Personal Review on the Smith Optics Boogie Regulator by Drew @ UkmcPro:

Having a military customer base means a Civvie like myself has plenty of people to grab personal experiences from regarding our kit. The below review is from a good friend, Kyle, who recently used our Boogie Regulators in Afghanistan while on an EOD Tour. Take it away, Kyle!

"The Regulators are one of those products that stress that they're simple but effective. This is pretty accurate in my opinion, I took them outside the FOB for a few patrols and had little to no problem regarding dust in my eye. The only thing I can say in the way of Cons isn't really a Con at all; The Boogies are obviously made with constant activity in mind, the dry climate of Afghan served them well in inactivity but back in England they had some fogging issues. This can be rectified by appying a new layer of Anti-Fog occasionally (The McNett branded OpDrops work well). If you're constantly on the move the airflow sorts out any fogging problems, but it is something to keep in mind. The fit of the glasses is another great point, they're snug but without feeling like they're cutting off blood to your face, something I'd dealt with previously in issue goggles. Overall I was genuinely pleased with them, I'd recommend the Bungee Strap to go with them as it makes using them with a helmet just that bit easier."

Final Thoughts

Picking good Eye Pro can be a bit of a minefield in itself, if you're not big on the technical jargon it can seem like a bunch of 'Impact level ratings' and 'Safety grades' that can mean little to anyone. I consider Smith's basic approach to be a nice breath of fresh air. They've done a great job in not burying their product in mountains of facts and features that nobody cares about and this works in their favour beautifully 

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